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Dr. S.J. Shanghavi
(B.D.S, M.D.S, F.I.C.D, F.R.S.H)
Ex. Proffesor, HOD, Dean in Dental Science at various Govt. and Private dental colleges
Ex. President at Dental council of India
Date Of Birth: 30 Dec 1935
Axardham: 30 June 2015
Working Country: India, Libya, USA

Dr. S.J. Shanghavi

Dr. S.J. Shanghavi was born in very highly educated Jain family at Bombay. He completed his most of the study in Bombay. He was the founder member of Gujarat state’s first Dental college and Civil hospital, Ahmedabad.

Dr. S.J. Shanghavi was born with a good virtue. So his kind nature gave him spiritually top post in religious activity. He was doing Nitya puja, Mantra and Meditation for 1 hour. His reading power was infinite. He had purchase more than 600 books and expense more than 8,00,000/- Rupees for good books. He had kept keen interest to know Computer, Applications, Internet and New medical procedure. Rather than use his own money for personal enjoyment, he donate in Temple and other Social Activity.

He give me support since last 25 years. He love me like as his own son. Really Sir has only one family member his wife Ashaben but at last moment of his life many students, Doctors like me come and gave time for his service. He gave me guidance at every step of my life. He was my GOD as Good Father. Today I am here only and only by his blessings. Whole my family member’s progress is running under the guidance of S.J. Shanghavi. He was very kind of me. He adviced to me start hospital for needy and poor patients. So today Shantamani Eye Dental Hospital happen. Me and my whole family salute this GOD Father. Sweet Memory for Everytime.


Dr. Shravan M Joshi
(B.D.S., D.M., D.H.)

Dr. Shravan M Joshi

Dr. Shravan is one of the person who had seen many hurdles in my life. He was born in Brahmin family. In his family there is no own home, no education, only God is the supporter for life. After six month his father was passed away. He grow up under many Difficulties like improper diet, many disease at childhood. But God don’t want to end his life so today he is present in front of us.

When he was young, he beg at every home to survive his family’s life. He clear the 10th , 12th and started working. He completed his Dental Mechanics & Hygienists Course in 1992 and completed B.D.S. graduation in 2012 with distinction marks. He was very kind towards the human. So he started charitable trust's clinic on 5 different places  where he was started providing Dental treatments at lowest cost. Today we are treating more than 300 patients per day at free of cost everyday. With Dental treatment, we started Eye department in 2008 and today our Eye department do 100 cataracts surgery and lasik surgery per month. In 2015, We establish Shantamani Eye Dental Hospital with all departments like Medicine, Surgery, Gynec, ENT, Orthopedic, etc. In the 1st year, We arrange more than 20 camp at free of cost and more than 7000 patients treated in this camp. We also plan for X-ray and ICU departments which are deeply requirement of society. We just want your Praying and cooperation.